How to share data between laptop and smartphone Tutorial!

Welcome to this tutorial!

Feem V4 is a tool to share what ever you need between your laptop and smatphone.


you need to download and install Feem v4 on boath your laptop and smartphone it’s easy to install.


  • the application is easy to use on boath laptop and smartphone.
  • you don’t even need a wifi on witch boath devices are connected because the application can do that for you.


then choose one of the version depending on your device.


For laptop:

For the smartphone it’s easy just download from google play.


Now we need to start the app on boath devices

then we need to establishe a connection between them in order to do that we need to start an access point, don’t be afraid with feem it’s just a click on the feem main menu bottom from you’r smartphone or Pc(in my case i’m using my smartphone to do that):

then you need to connect the orther device to the wifi you just created:


the password you need is on your smartphone screen:

Now that boath devices are connected you can share files messages between them and this is my test:


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